Sunday, 26 February 2012

My weekend in pictures

Lovely weekend and the weather really cheered everyone up I think. My roses from Valentines day have started to wilt :-( so I'm having a go at pressing them. Hopefully they'll turn out nicely and I can put them in a nice frame.

We went to a new pub in my local area called Tapping the Admiral. Really lovely little North London pub which I really recommend. It's tucked away from the high street so it has a nice local feel about it. We spent the afternoon watching the England V Wales game there. The nice pub couldn't really make up for the result. That was a tense last few minutes of the game! I loved the signs posted around everywhere. The one pictures was my favourite. I think this should be a standard rule for all pubs :-)

And lastly my chill out outfit for today.

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  1. you've a great artistic eye. following you! love the french theme as well! x