Friday, 24 February 2012

14 & 15

Two outfit posts in a row. The second outfit post is actually a very exciting outfit post because it's the outfit I've bought for meeting recruiters :-) I'm so happy I had a massive tidy up of my CV, got it down to 2 pages (it used to be 4 *ahem*) and within a few hours of applying I got call backs from not 1, but 2 recruitment agencies wanting to meet with me eeek! The first is today at 2pm and the job is an office manager in a swanky west end office, and the second for next Monday is a PA role in a nice little estate agents office in Primrose Hill. Wish me luck!! 

And the first outfit, well I couldn't very well go shopping without buying something fun for the weekend could I?!?


  1. I love that second outfit, the shape of the skirt is amazing, and polka dots!! I really need to update my CV but I'm too lazy =D Good luck for your interviews =)

  2. Hi, I have to say you're blog is PHENOMENAL. I am now following you. I hope you check mine and follow at: thank you for your time. I hope to see you apart of the proverbs.

    god bless,
    steven b.

  3. loved your blog :)
    it'd be great if you could check mine :)