Wednesday, 29 February 2012

19 & 21

I missed 20! But that's ok because it's a leap year right?

This is the wall above my bed. I adore photo walls with mismatched frames. I hope the boyfriend knows that when we live together, none of the picture frames will match! My mum is great at spotting nice photo frames at car boot sales. The little gold one set her back a whopping 20 pence!

And exciting news! The boyfriend and I are going away to Thailand at the end of May! Hence the beach photo as my work computers desktop. He asked me the other day "are you sure you definitely want to go to Thailand? Because we can go absolutely anywhere" I said the desktop has spoken! Before we went to Egypt last October I cemented our decision by changing my desktop to a beautiful Egyptian beach. I'm ridiculously excited! I haven't quite saved up all the money yet (although flight money is set aside already) but I've bought a bikini so I feel I'm well prepared!

Boyfriend and I in Egypt in October 2011

On the job hunt front, I had yet another meeting with a recruitment agent yesterday who said she had a very good feeling about me so keep your fingers crossed!! 

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