Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My weekend -and-a-bit in pictures

what was supposed to be a quite relaxed weekend, turned out to being the very opposite. My first rule for the weekend was no alcohol! Well that was clean out the window by about 7pm on Friday evening. Never mind I thought. I'll just have a little bit so I'm still ok to go for a little run on Saturday morning. Nope. My run went out the window along with my weekend booze ban. Oh dear. Still I heard it's best not to go for too many runs in the week leading up to a half marathon, so I'm doing myself a favour really...aren't I?

Anyway here are a few photos from my weekend.

Nails Inc! My nails love Nails Inc. And my best friend always gives me polishes for Christmas and Birthdays so this keeps my nails happy.

My mood ring :-)

I would actually be lost without my kindle. I'm currently reading The Hunger Games in anticipation for the film later this month. Really enjoying it so far although I first read Battle Royale years and years ago which I found slightly better.

My favourite perfume. I literally cannot go through an airport without picking up a perfume and I bought this on our way to Egypt last October. It's nearly all gone already!. 

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